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Marble Fox Best Guide: Care, Fur, Needs

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marble fox

Humans who interbred red and silver foxes produced marble foxes. Fox with thick, magnificent white fur that has gray, black, or tan streaks as a result. Despite their popularity as exotic pets, foxes cannot be kept as pets in many U.S. states.

A sizable, enclosed outdoor pen with a roof and a three-story tower would be required if you wanted to keep a fox as a pet. Foxes appreciate lots of attention, as well as playing in the dirt, straw, and in hiding places.

Marble foxes have personalities and are highly independent, but they don’t make good snuggle mates. Nonetheless, they will flee if given the chance, so a high-quality enclosure is essential.

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What Are Marble Foxes?

There is no naturally occurring species of marble fox. Instead, they are the children of red and silver foxes that humans intentionally bred. The animal is also known as the “Canada marble fox” and the “Arctic marble fox.”

Running through the snow is a marble fox. Red and silver foxes that were crossed with humans to produce marble foxes.

What Sets Them Apart?

It’s mostly their thick, exquisite, and highly sought-after fur. They are also delightfully intelligent creatures.

The marble fox’s symmetrical black pattern above and along their nose is one of their most adored characteristics. Black stripes that frame the sides of the face are a unique feature on some marble foxes. The marble fox is bred to have several shades of black, grey, and brown, just like marble. They are renowned for having extraordinarily huge ears and a muzzle with a lot of fur.

Gorgeous fur

Canadian marble fox coats, as their name suggests, look like stone marble: primarily white with fine, artfully woven gray, black, or tan striations.

According to science, their color represents a genetic abnormality called a “color phase.” Usually, the highlight color extends over the face and down the spine. Many appear to be donning vintage burglar masks.

A marble fox sticking its tongue out next to a hole in the ground.
The “color phase” genetic mutation is responsible for the colour of the Canadian marble fox.

marble fox

Insidious Intelligence

Their intelligence is their second selling point. After all, “sly as a fox” is a phrase for a reason.

Use puzzles to keep children content and healthy. If you’re lucky, they’ll spend time enjoying the games rather than planning how to steal things from the house!

How Well Do Marble Foxes Make Pets?

Although foxes are common “exotic pets,” keeping them is prohibited in 35 states. You might need to reposition yourself if you’re looking for a Marble Fox. The following countries allow people to legally possess foxes:

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Dakotas, North
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Dakota, South
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming

But, just because you are allowed to own a pet fox does not imply that you need to.


Get foxes away from cats and small dogs before getting one. They get along horribly, much like Burr and Hamilton did. Never, ever place a kitten next to a marble fox. Also, chickens are poor yard neighbors.


Do your homework, then do it again, before allowing a marble fox into your home. Living with one versus living with a dog or cat is very different. For instance, the typical family pet doesn’t require a sizable, fenced outside pen with a roof and three-story tower, but a fox does. During fun, they also like using straw, dirt, and hiding spots.

The marble fox also lists activity and a lot of attention on his list of requirements. These needs will become destructive if they are not addressed.

A marble fox hiding close to the ground coated in snow.
Before bringing a pet marble fox into their home, one should do their study because owning a fox as a pet is very different from owning a dog or cat.

Purchasing and bonding

It is important to find a fox that is as young as possible because the first six months are crucial for bonding for foxes. It could indicate the difference between a happy and troubled relationship. Start contacting breeders in March because foxes usually give birth in April.

Owners claim that chatting to their babies nonstop while they are still connecting with them helps a lot. The relationship is strengthened when they get used to your voice.

Another piece of advice: don’t spend more than $600 on a marble fox!

Litter Prevention

Unbelievably, foxes may be taught to use the litter box. That will take far longer than cats, who are born with the knowledge that “the sandbox is for peeing,” do. Be prepared to spend months working on it with marble foxes. Yet, once they obtain it, they retain it!

Natural Marble Fox

Fox spaying and neutering is a smart move. They do, however, continue to mark their territory after surgery, unlike dogs and cats.

The predictability, or lack thereof, between foxes and conventional pets is another difference. Due to their everyday routines, our dogs and cats teach us their patterns. Because of their consistent and predictable behavior, we can make plans that will be comfortable for both of us.

Nonetheless, marble foxes, like other wild foxes, are notoriously erratic. They might accept a specific stimulus one day and reject it the next.