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Here at Super Crazy Pets we are absolutely fanatical about our beloved furry (or smooth) little friends. Pets are our favourite subject and we just love to write about them!

On our website you will find helpful guides, tips and stories about all animals from dogs and cats, right through to rodents and reptiles. If it can be classed as a pet then we will have something about it here on this website.

Owning a pet can sometimes be difficult and confusing, after all they cannot talk to us unfortunately. That’s why we believe in sharing all of the things we have learnt as a group so that all pet owners can get the best information to look after their animals.

If you would like to read about a particular type of animal you can use the categories link in the sidebar. This will take you to all of the posts that we have written about that type of pet.

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yellow lab puppies
A photo of a relaxed looking cat

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