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Why do cats dribble and drool when you stroke them?

A photo of a cat dribbling

This one is a bit of an odd one, some do and some do not. At first you may be worried when your cat starts dribbling but in most cases there is nothing untoward happening. In this post we will have a look at what cat dribbling is and what causes it as well. So, why do cats dribble?

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What is cat dribbling or drooling.

Well it is exactly as the title says! Our cat is a major dribbler and always in the worst place. You see Nipper (our cat) is like an open tap when you give it too much stroking or brushing.

This would not be so much of a problem if Nipper was not a total house cat that has taken up residence in our bedroom. Boy is it a lazy cat! It just chills out on our bed all day and then when we decide to go to sleep it decides to wake up. What a life…

Usually its routine will be to start kneading on us as we try to get to sleep and then if you give it a few strokes it just dribbles. This more than usually lands on the bed sheets (yuk!) and then they have to be cleaned. So now we know what dribbling is in cats as I’m sure you did anyway, that’s how you ended up on this webpage. Let’s now have a look at why it happens and what causes it.

why do cats dribble?

Why do cats dribble?

Why do cats dribble?

Cats absolutely love being stroked and brushed. They find it soothing and comforting and it almost sends them into a delirious state. When they are being stroked and massaged they go into a total state of relax. Get a great brush on amazon.

When this happens they lose control of their senses slightly which causes excess saliva to leak out through its open mouth. This is especially prominent in cats that are prone to heavy purring.

The strangest part about it all is that not all cats do this. Some cats do not dribble no matter how much they are stroked or brushed. I have no explanation why some do and some do not. Let me know in the comments section if you have a cat that is a drooler or not, I would love to see how common it is!

Should you be worried if your cat dribbles.

If your cat only dribbles when it is being stroked or brushed or other pleasurable instances, no. It is completely normal for some cats to dribble in these circumstances and is nothing to worry about.

My advice though is if you do not want drool on your stuff place a towel below your cat. This is a really good idea when brushing especially as it will catch falling hairs as well as dribble. In our case it means we do not have to wash the bed sheets quite so often.

When should you worry about a dribbling cat?

Now I said above that you should not be worried if your cat drools when it is being stroked. However there are times you need to pay attention to drooling.

If you find it is happening without positive stimulation then I recommend going to a vet. Drooling without stimulation can be cause by quite a few different illnesses but usually indicate problems within the mouth. It is best to go get this checked out if only for peace of minds sake.

In conclusion…

Why do cats dribble? Some cats dribble, some do not. It is perfectly normal and just one of them things that cat owners have to put up with. There is nothing you can do to stop a drooler but you can take steps to minimise issues such as using a towel. I hope this post has answered the questions you were asking yourself.

And remember a drooling cat is a happy cat.