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6 Special Types Of Fox

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There are a lot of different types of fox. When we talk about the fox, we are generally talking about the “common fox” or Vulpes vulpes also known as the “red fox. Not surprisingly, because this is also the fox that is found in the wild in the Netherlands (and almost everywhere else in the world). But there are many species of foxes, around 20. We highlight 6 of them in the list.

Of all the roor animals, the fox has the largest range around the world. They are found almost everywhere, only in too hot deserts, cold tundra and on islands like Iceland they are not to be found. The fox is one of the largest predators still found freely in the Benelux countries.

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6 Types of foxes

Fennek foxes

Fennek foxes occur in the Sahara Desert of North Africa, hence they are also known as desert fox. They are very recognizable by their large ears, therefore the Fennek has exceptional hearing and use this to hear their prey from afar, up to a distance of 1.5 kilometers. But the large ears also help regulate body temperature, as does the light cream-colored fur these foxes have. Their kidneys are also highly adapted to help these unique-looking foxes survive in some of the hottest desert environments.

types of fox
Fennek foxes are one of the more popular dessert types of fox.

Arctic fox

The arctic fox is also known as the snow fox and the white fox. Their thick fur allows them to live in the harsh conditions around the Arctic Circle, where temperatures drop to tens of degrees below zero. The arctic fox has short legs and a short snout, both of which help it retain heat.

It’s beautiful white or blue-gray fur allows the arctic fox to blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings. As it gets warmer, the arctic fox changes color, its fur turning browner or grayer to maintain excellent camouflage even without the snow.

artic fox
Artic foxes are one of the more popular polar types of fox.

Gray fox

The gray fox is found in large parts of North America and southern Canada. You can recognize this type of fox by its black and white speckled coat and black tipped tail. Of all the foxes, this is the best climber and they can be found regularly in trees.

The grey fox is also on of the types of fox.

Silver fox

The beautiful silver fox is technically the same species as the red fox, only the genetic pigmentations differ. The fox comes in a wide variety of colors, from dark gray to red, and from light brown to white. Unfortunately, because of its beautiful coat, the silver fox is bred and killed for fur. In the wild, foxes do not discriminate; the silver fox mates just as happily with a red fox.

silver fox
The silver fox is one of the darker types of fox.

Andean fox

The Andean fox looks a lot like the red fox, but a lot bigger, they can grow up to 120 centimeters long and weigh about 13 kilograms. The tail can also grow very long, as long as 40 centimeters. Not surprisingly, the andes fox lives mainly in the Andes mountains in South America.

The Andean fox is one of types of fox that lives in mountains.

Bad eared fox

Like the fennek, the bad eared fox also has those cute big ears. They use these to pick up underground sounds to detect termites and other prey. It is the only species of fox that lives primarily on insects. They are found in Southwest Africa and East Africa on dry, open steppes and grassy plains, mainly in acacia-covered savannahs.

The bad eared fox is one of types of fox with the best hearing.