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Do Jackaranians Shed And Are They Hypoallergenic?

A photo of our Jackaranian dog Pom Pom

Ok I want to start this by saying this is a topic close to my heart. The above photo is of our beloved Jackaranian called Pompom.

Because of this I feel like I am very well qualified to answer the questions of do jackaranians shed? And also are jackaranians hypoallergenic?

I also feel like I am in a perfect position to offer advice and tips to you about how you can control a jackaranians shedding and if it is worth getting one if you have allergies.

If you are looking for any of the above before purchasing a jackaranian then this is the guide for you.

I really hope you find it useful!

Do Jackaranians shed?

I will start off with this first question as it is often what most people want to know.

So do Jackaranians shed? Yes Jackaranians do shed. When happy and healthy they tend to shed twice per year, once in spring and once in fall. Their coat is made up of two layers a very fine, soft but dense inner layer and a more coarse  but thinner outer layer. They shed each layer in different stages. 

So there you have it Jackaranians certainly do shed and for such a small and short haired dog you will really know about it!

It is incredible the amount of hair and fur that they shed, something that took us by total surprise.

How often and for how long do Jackaranians shed?

From my own personal experience with Pompom our Jackaranian I have found that they shed twice a year. Other than its twice yearly shed it almost never, ever loses any hairs which is a real bonus.

But boy when it does start one of its shedding cycles you know about it!

This seems to come in two phases and takes roughly two weeks to complete.

  • Week one sees it shed its inner coat which is a very dense but soft fur which almost reminds me of duck down, it is very soft, light and almost fluffy.
  • Week two sees it lose the much more bristly outer coat, these hairs are much thicker and do not seem to stick to everything as bad.

You will also notice slight color changes before and after the shedding cycle. When it is coming to winter it’s fur looks a little darker and then in the summer it looks lighter. You can also tell that the summer coat is a lot less thicker and it almost makes it look like it has lost weight.

Below is a photo of our Jackaranian called Pompom after one of it daily brushing sessions in the middle of a shedding cycle. This was taken towards the end of a shed and as such is only a small amount of fur and hair!

A photo of our Jackaranian Pompom next to a pile of shed hair

This is just a small amount of shed hair from our Jackaranian in one brushing session!

I think that answers the question of do Jackaranians shed!

But we do still love it dearly and take measures to reduce the amount of hair that gets on us and the furniture, more about that later.

Next up I want to talk about if Jackaranians are hypoallergenic or not as I know a lot of people want to know.

Are Jackaranians hypoallergenic?

If you have an allergy to pets then knowing if a dog is hypoallergenic can be very important. It can be crucial in deciding if a certain breed is right for you and your family.

So are Jackaranians hypoallergenic? No Jackaranians are not hypoallergenic they are actually non-hypoallergenic. This is because they have very dense fur that is perfect for the collection of dander. It is this dander that causes many of the allergic reactions that people who are susceptible suffer from.

Unfortunately Jackaranians are not hypoallergenic which is a real bummer if you suffer from allergies.

If you suffer from severe allergies I would not recommend a Jackaranian to you as a pet. However if you only suffer from a mild allergy you could still own one happily and healthily if you follow the steps below.

Ways that you can help to control Jackaranian shedding.

Ok, so unfortunately it is true that you cannot stop a Jackaranian from shedding. It is a natural process in which it changes its coat for the incoming change of weather.

There are however ways that you can manage all of the hair and fur loss. These tips will make it much more bearable when it comes to shedding time.

Regular brushing.

One of the best ways to manage a Jackaranians hair loss at shedding time is to keep brushing it regularly. I recommend doing this once a day.

Use a good quality grooming mitt or undercoat shedding brush to help to remove the hairs easily.

Regular brushing at shedding time is essential not only for collecting up all the loose hairs but also for your pet. You see when they are shedding they find the experience extremely itchy and you will notice it biting and scratching itself. Brushing really keeps this under control.

Cover up your furniture.

When it comes to shedding season we find it best to cover up our furniture where our Jackaranian likes to sit.

We generally have a small blanket in its bed, one on the sofa and one on the end of our bed. These are all of the areas where Pompom likes to rest of sleep and by using a blanket we can easily remove and clean it when necessary. The bonus of this is that the hairs and fur do not get onto our furniture.

A photo of our Jackaranian laying on a blanket to stop its hair loss

We place blankets where our dog likes to sleep when it is shedding. Notice its signature pose? We call this the meerkat!


As much as I wish that I could tell you that Jackaranians do not shed and that they will not affect your allergies it would be a lie.

Jackaranians do shed, a lot, twice a year. But they are great companions. They are very intelligent, loyal, independent and very cuddly.

We would not change Pompom for the world, it is a member of our family and even though at shedding time it can be a pain, we would not have it any other way!