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Do French Bulldogs Bark Or Are They A Quiet Breed?

A pet french bulldog looking up to its owner

Some people prefer there pets to be on the quieter side and there are many breeds of dog that fit this description.

However is the french bulldog one of these, or do french bulldogs bark a lot?

Well in this article I am going to tell you everything about this adorable breed and their bark. Hopefully by the end of it you will be one step closer to deciding if this is the pet for you.

Do french bulldogs bark?

Let’s just answer the main question right away, I know your all eager to know the answer. Stick around though as I am going to give you loads of facts and tips later on in the article.

So do french bulldogs bark? Yes, just like all dogs french bulldogs can and do bark. However it is not as often or as loud as some other breeds of dog. French bulldogs are generally quite mild mannered and this shows by how little they tend to bark for no apparent reason.

There we have it, french bulldogs do bark but do not worry they are not the loudest of dog breeds and they certainly do not bark that often.

How often do french bulldogs bark?

As i mentioned earlier french bulldogs do not bark that often, it usually takes something like the mailman or someone else knocking on the door.

There are some breeds of dog that literally bark at any noise that they hear, french bulldogs are not like this.

However it is worth noting that all dogs have their own individual personalities. No two dogs of the same breed will be the same so there can be exceptions to this rule of thumb.

But generally speaking french bulldogs are quite quiet, they are too lazy and sleepy to be bothered to bark. Check out this article I wrote if you want to read more about lazy french bulldogs.

A photo of a french bulldog barking

Do french bulldogs bark a lot or are they quite a calm breed of dog?

What does a french bulldogs bark sound like?

Everyone knows what a dog barking sounds like although there can be variations in the tone, from high pitched to deep bellowing barks.

Well a french bulldogs bark is somewhere in the middle of that. It tends to be a semi deep bark that is mixed in with growling.

One other thing to note is that the french bulldog does not have a constant bark once it starts like some other yapping small breeds. It will usually do one or two barks and then look at your response. It is almost like it is trying to tell you something. So when you hear your frenchie barking take notice as it is usually for a reason.

Below is a compilation video from YouTube of french bulldogs barking. It does a far better job of showing what they sound like than I can!

The reasons why a french bulldog may bark.

As I mentioned earlier, french bulldogs do not really bark unless it feels like there is a good reason too.

So below I have listed some of the reasons why a french bulldog may bark. It will help you get a better understanding of your pet and what it is trying to tell you.

  • Anxiety- Just like you, your french bulldog can feel anxious at times. This could be because it senses something or if it feels like something could be impending.
  • Alarm- This is one of the most common reasons why a french bulldog may bark. Alarm can be caused by situations like somebody suddenly knocking on your front door.
  • Distress- When you french bulldog is upset or distressed it can bark. This can be a simple a thing as its favourite ball rolling under the sofa and it cannot get to it.
  • Attention seeking- We cannot deny that our pet dogs love attention from us and french bulldogs are no different. What better way to get your attention than barking.
  • Noting territory- French bulldogs are very territorial, they have their designated spaces and things and they do it not like intruders in it. You may find that they bark when another pet approaches its food bowl or if someone it does not recognise enters your backyard.

Here are some tips to help stop a french bulldog from barking.

Dogs bark, it is natural and is one of the main ways of communicating and expressing their feelings. Barking cannot be stopped completely because of this.

However there are ways that you can reduce excessive and unnecessary barking. Try some of these steps below if you have a french bulldog that barks a little too much.

Don’t shout at your dog.

It is ok to yell at your dog if it has done something naughty but not for barking. If you start yelling at your french bulldog for barking it can get the wrong end of the stick (no pun intended!). It may believe that you are barking as well. Instead call it by its name and say “no” but in a calm manner.

A little bit more walkers and play time.

It is a fact that dogs can get snappy and bark a lot when they are bored and full of energy. Maybe take your french bulldog out for a walk or have a play with its favourite ball or chew toy. French bulldogs like to sleep a lot but when they are awake they love to play and act up.

Ignore its call for attention.

All dogs love attention, however some dogs take measures to be sure to get your attention. French bulldogs are a smart breed and they know that by barking they will get your attention.

If you notice that this is what is happening try ignoring your pet. After a while it will realise that barking is not getting it what it wants and will stop.

Do not give up.

When trying any of the above tips the most important thing to remember is not to give up. Have a little patience and keep trying. Dogs are very capable of learning but things can take time, so be consistent and you will get the barking under control.


The french bulldog is an amazing breed of dog that absolutely loves to have your full attention.

Although it is not a breed that is known for persistent barking it can bark to get what it wants.

There are plenty of techniques that you can utilise to help get this under control and turn your noisy frenchie into a cool, calm and collected little companion.