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Are French Bulldogs Lazy And Do They Sleep A Lot?

A photo of a mischievous looking french bulldog

French bulldogs are fast becoming one of the most popular breeds of pet dogs in the world. but there is always a question that seems to pop up from potential new owners:

“Are French Bulldogs lazy and do they like to sleep a lot?”

Just maybe it is because of how they look? Or maybe it is because of what we know about their bigger cousins the English bulldog?

Well in this article I will be answering all of these questions and more. So hopefully by the end you will be closer to making your decision if a French bulldog is the right breed for you!

Are French Bulldogs a lazy breed of dog?

First off I am going to quickly answer the main question for anyone who doesn’t time to read the full article. I recommend reading it all though as it will be filled with valuable information.

So are French Bulldogs lazy? French bulldogs are the master of adapting to environments. They are equally happy to be lazy most of the day but also happy to play about and act like idiots. So they can be lazy or full of energy whenever either is needed.

So that’s the quick answer but read on as there is so much to learn.

French Bulldogs can be lazy and super active.

The thing about French bulldogs is that they seem to have two modes at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum and nothing in between.

They literally love to laze around all day on the sofa sleeping and farting. Yet within seconds if you give them just a little bit of inspiration they turn into a crazy little Tasmanian devil.

I am not joking either, they go absolutely crazy in a goofy playful kind of way!

The below video proves my point perfectly and shows a French bulldog going crazy while in its active mode.

And then on the opposite end of the spectrum they can take life really slow and lazy. Chilling out on the sofa with you sleeping whilst you pet its belly.

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Do French bulldogs sleep a lot?

Are french bulldogs lazy, do they sleep a lot? Generally speaking all breeds of dogs like to get sleep and quite a bit of it. French bulldogs are no exception to this.

A fully grown adult french bulldog will need roughly anywhere between 13-16 hours of sleep per day which may surprise new owners.

Where as puppies and older french bulldogs will need more like 17-20 hours of sleep every day which is incredible!

This is quite a bit of extra sleep compared to other dog breeds but it makes them a perfect choice for working families.

They are also perfect for families who live in apartments as they will happily sleep most of the day and have a walk in between. However let’s not forget they like a little crazy play time as well.

Are French Bulldogs low energy?

When we talk about low energy dogs what we mean is do they need a lot of exercise.

Some dogs require hours of walking a day to stay happy and healthy, but is a French bulldog one of them?

No, French bulldogs are low energy. They do not require lots of exercise. They will be happy enough with one walk per day of around 45 minutes to an hour. They can however go on more walks and will be very happy to do so.

Unfortunately they do not cope very well with heat so try to avoid going out for walkies during the hottest parts of the day. Save them times for nap time!

are french bulldogs lazy

French bulldogs have a bit of a reputation as being lazy but is it true? Are french bulldogs lazy?

Do French bulldogs make good lap dogs?

Are french bulldogs lazy, do they sit on your lap? There are certain breeds of dog that you would think would make great lap dogs, they are usually quite small and cuddly. However these are usually the most active or should I say hyperactive!

Well French bulldogs are not like that, they are the complete lap dog in one package. They are one of the most cuddly, loving and affectionate breeds of dog that there is.

They also love to sleep and be lazy when you are feeling the same. So with all of that in mind, they make the perfect lap dog. Cuddling up on the sofa on a cold winters day is the perfect situation for your French bulldog.


Are french bulldogs lazy? If you are looking for a dog with an amazingly fun and exciting personality that is also happy to be lazy, then the French bulldog is the breed for you!

It sleeps a lot so is perfect for families that work and will have to leave it home alone during the day time. But whenever you are ready it will turn into a funny and crazy little monster that is full of energy and ready to show you its personality.

I wholeheartedly recommend getting a French Bulldog if this sounds like the dog you are looking for. They are a one of a kind breed and make for great cuddly companions.