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Red Golden Retriever Ultimate Care Guide

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red golden retriever

One of the most common dog breeds in America is the Golden Retriever, and this includes both the traditional yellow variety and the red variant. These pups are some of the most sociable canines around. They get along well with both people and animals, and they have a tendency to develop intense feelings for pretty much anyone they meet.

Despite popular belief, these canines require daily, extensive physical activity. They have a high IQ, so keeping their minds active will keep them healthy and happy.

In many ways, the Red Golden Retriever is the ideal pet. They will be very emotionally needy and want to be included in all family activities, but they will love and get along with everyone in your family. The more attention they receive, the happier they will be because they feed off of it.

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You, your family, your friends, your friends’ families, and pretty much anyone else you come into contact with will instantly become best friends with a red Golden Retriever because of how friendly and outgoing they are. They have a pleasant disposition and appear to be happy all the time.

Red Goldens are loving, affectionate, and sensitive, and they can become saddened or even a little offended if they see that they are left out of family activities. People like them always want to join in on the action.

There is no better family dog than a red Golden Retriever. They’ll fit in with any family right away, and they have an endless supply of love and affection to give.

They are very patient with children and are also very active and playful, so they do best in families where there is always someone for them to play with or get attention from.

They thrive on participation, so bringing them along on family trips and excursions is guaranteed to make them happy. As a result of their exceptional character, you’ll want to have them by your side at all times.

Red Golden Retrievers are extremely sociable, and that warmth and acceptance extends to the family’s other furry members. When raised with other pets, they tend to get along well.

They are also warm and welcoming to other dogs they encounter on walks or in dog parks. Your Red Golden Retriever will always be happy to meet other dogs.

red golden retriever


Dog food designed for medium-sized, high-energy breeds like the Red Golden Retriever is ideal for the breed’s vigorous lifestyle. There will be a lot of protein in there from a variety of sources. A Red Golden needs about two to three cups of dry food per day, given in two equal portions.

Be aware that this breed is predisposed to obesity, and if you see your puppy putting on weight out of character, talk to your vet about adjusting the amount of food he or she is getting.

The bloat condition, which results in a collapsed stomach, is another risk factor for these canines. Although there is no surefire way to prevent this potentially fatal condition, you can lessen your dog’s risk by not exercising them right after they eat or drink. Don’t go for a walk or play outside for at least an hour after eating.

Exercise and training

Due to their high levels of energy, Red Golden Retrievers require at least an hour of daily exercise. This is in addition to time spent playing in the yard or inside. Your dog’s happiness, health, and weight all depend on him getting plenty of exercise.

Because of their high intelligence, Red Goldens benefit from mental exercise to keep their activity levels under control. Keeping your dog’s mind active and healthy can be done with the help of some puzzle toys or logic games.

Because of their intelligence and eagerness to please, Red Golden Retrievers are relatively simple to train. Dogs of this breed are quick to learn new tricks and commands, and with consistent training, they can become excellent household companions.

Because of their delicate nature, dogs of this breed respond poorly to negative reinforcement and may even give up if they are disciplined in this manner. Praise appropriate actions and redirect undesirable ones in a gentle manner.


The long, luxurious coat of the Red Golden Retriever requires daily grooming, or at least a daily brushing. Maintaining your dog’s coat health and reducing its shedding can be accomplished with a quick daily brushing using a wire brush.

Every other month or so is a good time to give your Red Golden a bath. Avoid taking frequent showers, as this can strip the skin of its protective oils, leaving it vulnerable to dryness, irritation, and infection.

Drop ears, like those of the Red Golden Retriever, are cute but prone to infection. It is recommended that you clean your dog’s ears once or twice weekly to avoid any complications. Once a week, or thereabouts, you should brush your dog’s teeth with a doggy toothbrush.


If you’ve ever met a Red Golden Retriever, you won’t have any trouble understanding why this breed is so popular in the United States. These canines are known for their friendly demeanor and abundant display of affection for their human companions.

They bring a positive attitude to the table and want to be included in all family activities; they are both active and playful, and also affectionate and sensitive.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better breed to bring into your home as a member of the family; they’re easy to train, and as long as you can handle the grooming, exercise needs, and heavy shedding, you’d have a hard time finding a better breed to bring into your home.