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Quality and Variety: Sourcing the Best Wholesale Dog Treats

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The pet wholesale market is one of the most lucrative markets around, and the classic dog treat is one of the big reasons for that. I mean, what dog doesn’t love a treat? But it goes further than that! 

Today’s dog treats only slightly resemble the dog treats of yesteryear. From health-boosting CBD dog treats to simple but massively popular single-ingredient freeze-dried treats, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. 

Because one-size-fits-all treats are a thing of the past while variety is in, when looking to wholesale CBD dog treats or another type of treat, it’s important to research all the different treats and which walks of life they work best for. 

As well, health is the name of the game, and it’s important that you ensure the brand you choose to wholesale for, regardless of the type of treat, is going above and beyond on quality. 

In this article, we are going to look into all that. In particular, we will look at how a wholesale CBD dog treat provides a convenient and effective way to deliver the potential health benefits of CBD to dogs.

What Is Wholesale?

Wholesaling is the act of buying products from a brand or manufacturer and reselling the products to make a profit. To do this, most wholesalers buy their goods in bulk at a discounted or trade price. Before selling, some will white label their product, which means they will put their own label on the item and sell it as if they created it. 

A wholesaler can choose to work with just one brand, selling a variety of their products for them, or they can stock products from multiple pet brands, often focusing on just selling one type of product. With there being a huge variety of dog treats, you can easily go either route. 

Benefits of Wholesale Dog Treats

Coming in a wide variety of options, dog treats are a fantastic pet product to invest in, especially if it’s your first time. Your modern dog treat caters to various dietary needs, coming in a wide range of flavors and sizes/textures to better suit the dog it’s being given to. 

For example, soft chews have become incredibly popular in the last decade due to their smaller size and easy-to-eat texture, making them great for small breeds along with senior dogs who may struggle with dental issues due to their age. 

One of the great things about the modern treat catering to various walks of life is that many brands create a variety of treats for their dog treat line. This can save you time and a lot of effort as it simplifies the procurement process, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors. 

Types of Distributors

When working with pet wholesale, there are various buyers and sellers you need to know about.

Manufacturers – A manufacturer is a company or brand that makes the product. Most wholesalers will work directly with the manufacturer when buying their products for wholesale. 

Exclusive distributors – An exclusive distributor specializes in distributing specific brands or products by purchasing straight from the manufacturers. Instead of working with the manufacturer directly, some wholesalers will work with an exclusive distributor instead. 

Jobbers / brokers – Jobbers facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers without taking ownership of the products.

Considerations For Sourcing Wholesale Dog Treats

When sourcing wholesale dog treats, there are 5 main areas you need to pay great attention to. 

Quality assurance: Pet parents are willing to spend more on their pets, but only if it translates into giving them better health. This means selecting reputable suppliers who prioritize quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. 

Product certifications and compliance: While not the most thoroughly regulated industry, there are several industry standards and regulatory requirements, including certifications for organic or natural ingredients. While it will take time to ensure the brand you’d like to wholesale for has them all, this is a great way to narrow down your selection, as there is a big ocean of pet treat manufacturers out there to choose from. 

Customer preferences and market trends: It’s important to stay up to date on emerging trends and your audience to select a variety of dog treats that align with their demands. Remember, they are willing to spend more money, but they will only do so for a product that caters to their dog’s unique needs. Everything from breed type to age to activity level can affect what the best treat is for a dog. 

Pricing and discounts: Explore negotiation strategies for obtaining competitive pricing, volume discounts, and favorable terms to optimize profitability.

Supplier relationships and reliability: While working with multiple vendors can really give your pet shop the edge, it’s important to establish strong relationships with suppliers who offer consistent product quality, timely deliveries, and responsive customer support. This means you may want to fully establish your relationship with one supplier before opening your door to another. 

Which Dog Treats Are Best?

From grain-free hypoallergenic treats to CBD treats, there are a variety of treats to choose from, and it’s easy to get way in over your head. So what should you look for? 

Wholesale dog treats made in the USA that use organic and natural ingredients that cater to a specific dietary need or offer functional support are the first place you want to look. 

While there are treats that focus on treating just one health issue, in the beginning, it can be a good idea to not niche down to such a degree, unless you can find a single vendor that offers a variety of niche dog treats. 

But you still want a dog treat that offers health benefits! And CBD dog treats that offer a huge range of potential benefits, including pain relief, anxiety reduction, and overall well-being, are perfect for this. 

Capitalizing on the Growing Demand for Wholesale CBD Dog Treats

Easy to give with a world of potential benefits for our dogs, CBD treats are a great place to start, and often the vendors will carry non-CBD treats, making expanding without having to look for another vendor very easy. But even CBD treats themselves can vary thanks to companies including different ingredients along with them to promote different health benefits. 

When it comes to choosing a high-quality CBD dog treat, you want a brand that highlights the importance of CBD dog treats derived from organic hemp. Treats that are free of harmful additives while being tested for potency and purity to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

CBD is still a new thing for many pet parents, and this provides you with a big pool of those who are curious about CBD but haven’t taken the plunge yet. However, you will need to work on educating potential customers about CBD, including teaching them about the benefits and how it differs from other cannabis products, providing dosage guidelines, and talking about the importance of consulting a veterinarian if their dog is on medication for a health problem. 

Ensuring Quality

Regardless of the type of dog treat you choose, there are a few things you can follow when evaluating the quality of the product when looking to buy bulk dog treats wholesale. 

First, due to issues commonly seen with commercial food brands, pet parents are often very particular about the treats they feed their dogs. Besides preferring treats made with organic ingredients, pet parents often prefer treats that take allergen considerations into account. This is one of the reasons why simple single-ingredient freeze-dried treats that deliver high-quality protein are so popular.

Before you decide on a dog treat, take the time to go through the reviews, not just on the product itself, but on the company too. This is a great time to look into their other products, in case you’d like to expand in the future without getting another vendor involved.  

If you’re creating your own labels and packaging, you want a tight, clean, and effective copy. Quickly highlight the benefits and features while including the ingredient lists, nutritional information, and proper storage instructions.