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How Much Is An Axolotl? The Best Guide

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Axolotls are very nice viewing animals. They are relatively easy to keep, provided you maintain optimal water quality and temperature. Some knowledge of aquariums is required, however. Consider why you want an axolotl as a pet and whether the animal can meet those expectations. But how much is an axolotl?

The following questions will help you think about purchasing an axolotl:

-Axolotl can live up to 25 years, can you take care of it during this entire period?
-Do you understand that the animal is not a cuddly animal and you can only look at it and not do anything else with it?
-Do you have the space for the aquarium?
-Do you understand that you need to check on them daily and clean the aquarium weekly?
-Is there someone who can take care of the axolotl when you go on vacation?
-Do you have about 10 euros a month to spare for feeding and care?

You may also want to know what to feed an axolotl.

Where do you get an axolotl?

You buy an axolotl from a breeder, a pet store or a specialized shelter. Look at several breeders before buying an axolotl. That way you can immediately see what is involved in keeping the animals. Choose a vendor whose animals look healthy, where the aquariums are clean, all animals have clean water and plenty of space and hiding places. If you buy from a dealer, then consumer laws apply and you have a legal guarantee of the health of the animals.

Be critical and dare to ask questions. As a buyer, you are responsible for making a good choice. Do not buy weak or sick animals, because that is how you maintain faulty trade. Pay close attention to whether the animals have no injuries or deformities. If you notice neglected animals, you can report them to the Animal Welfare Service at the Abused or Neglected Animals Hotline.

Before you bring home an axolotl, the aquarium must be in order so that it is ready for the animal’s arrival. The filter needs time to start working properly. Start up your aquarium for at least several weeks before buying the axolotl.

how much is an axolotl
How much is an axolotl?

How much is an axolotl?

How much is an axolotl? You can buy an axolotl from 13 to 25 euros. Buying an aquarium and most accessories is a one-time investment.

Every month an axolotl will cost you about 10 euros for food, water and replacing live plants. If the animal gets sick or if you want to breed, the costs can be high.

Guide prices for buying a freshwater aquarium and accessories. Aquarium by length, including accessories costs.

-40 cm From 50 euros
-60 cm From 65 euros
-80 cm From 120 euro
-100 cm From 220 euro
-120 cm From 290 euro
-150 cm From 500 euro

What does an axolotl need?

An axolotl is kept in a freshwater aquarium. The dimensions of the aquarium for an adult animal should be at least 80 x 45 x 45 cm (length x width x height). More animals mainly require more floor space, not more height. For a pair of axolotls provide an aquarium of at least 110 x 45 x 45 cm (length x width x height). The water should be deep enough for the axolotl to be completely submerged, depending on the size of the animal you should provide at least a water depth of 15 to 30 cm or more. The larger the enclosure, the better you meet the needs of your axolotl(s).

Place the aquarium on a solid surface and in a quiet place. Vibrations can cause stress. Provide a back wall in the aquarium, then the animals will feel sheltered and safe. Learn more about their care here.

You will need the following accessories: – a water filter – a thermometer – cleaning materials, to be used only for the aquarium – a fine-mesh scoop net – a siphoning hose.