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Amazing Remedy CBD Oil To Help And Heal Your Cat

There are some ways to help and heal your cat. When you’re a great pet owner, you tend to always be on the lookout for ways to improve your pet’s health. Hey, that’s why you’re here after all! 

That’s why in this article we are taking a look at 5 amazing remedies that can offer your feline bestie’s health a helpful hand in several ways. 

From the classic herbal treat that can help get your cat’s spastic energy out to everyone’s new favorite remedy for complete health and wellness, there is a lot to cover, so let’s get to it! 

help and heal your cat
Help and heal your cat

CBD Oil To Help And Heal Your Cat.

First on the list is CBD oil, and for good reasons. From stress to pain to inflammation to issues with digestion, CBD can seemingly help with all. This happens because there are hundreds of unique molecules in cannabis that when ingested work to support regulatory systems in the body. 

While both cannabis plants CBD oil is derived from hemp instead of marijuana because this variety lacks the cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the active chemical that’s abundant in marijuana and gives it the ability to produce a high when ingested. 

This means CBD oil when derived from hemp can’t produce a high. This makes it a safe and excellent alternative to kids and pets who need to avoid the high from marijuana but want to use it for its potent medical benefits. 

According to CBD makers, Innovetpet, “While many think of CBD as a supplement for themselves or their dog, so many cat owners are finding it helps their cat out just as well”. 

CBD is often used for both specific health issues like chronic anxiety or help with the side effects of cancer as well as for general health. Many cat owners are finding it can help their aging cat recapture their youthful mobility thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation and pain. 

Valerian Root To Help And Heal Your Cat

Valerian root which conjures up images of alchemy and the Medieval period, has long been a staple in holistic medicine for its help with relaxation and getting a good night’s sleep

Fun fact, valerian root helps lower anxiety because it contains valeric acid, which binds and activates GABA receptors. Activating GABA receptors is one of the ways CBD and other low-THC cannabis products can help relieve nervousness. However, they do it somewhat differently; instead, they let GABA naturally build by temporarily delaying the release of glutamate in the amygdala.   

Another fun fact is some cats will experience a euphoric high from valerian root — somewhat similar to catnip. Valerian root is completely safe to give, but while it appears nearly impossible for a cat to overdose on it, they may feel extremely tired and unsteady on their feet for a short duration if too much is ingested.  

Catnip To Help And Heal Your Cat

It helps get your cat’s energy out, can help them feel calmer during stressful situations, and it’s a great source of entertainment for both them and us, enjoyed by all members of the feline family is the classic catnip. 

While research is finding that the extreme majority of cats are affected by catnip, it is true that some cats aren’t very sensitive to the plant. And it’s most likely why past studies have shown varying lower numbers in the past. 

If your cat is one that doesn’t seem to care for catnip, don’t fret because there are some alternatives. Whether your cat loves the nip or not, make sure to check out silvervine and cat thyme, which can produce similar, and often more potent but just as safe euphoric effects. 

Fun fact, while well-tolerated, many cats are not a fan of CBD’s grassy and nutty flavor, and that’s why CBD companies like Innovet create CBD oils infused with catnip. 

Echinacea/Goldenseal Solution To Help And Heal Your Cat

For cleaning minor cuts and abscesses — which our feline friends are prone to — an echinacea/goldenseal solution is a delightful natural and safe remedy. Echinacea/goldenseal are often found together, with therapeutic tinctures making it easy to mix ½ teaspoons of it to ½ teaspoon salt and 1 pint of water. 

An echinacea/goldenseal solution is a great alternative to hydrogen peroxide that can destroy healthy tissue with its aggressive oxidative stressing  nature.  

Slippery Elm To Help And Heal Your Cat

If your cat is having back door issues, slippery elm, which contains mucilage, is a herbal supplement that is popular amongst both veterinarians and health gurus for it to both cats and dogs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

While studies are limited, there appear to be no known side effects giving cats slippery elm for help with stomach discomfort and inflammation. However, we still advise you to ask your veterinarian and follow their instructions before giving your cat the herb, slippery elm.