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Bearded Dragon Eye Bulging, Crazy You Need To Know!

A photo of a bearded dragon with bulging eyes

As the owner of a pet bearded dragon you may have noticed this every now and again and for those who do not know the reasons it can be worrying. Yes we are talking about bearded dragon eye bulging!

It is something that most bearded dragons do at certain points in their lives and boy does it look uncomfortable. However is the bulging eye of a bearded dragon a sign of trouble or sickness or could it be something else entirely? Well in this article we are going to let you know what it is all about.

So hopefully next time your bearded dragon decides to pop it’s eyes out you won’t be having a melt down and freaking out.

Why do bearded dragons eyes bulge?

Before we start I have included a video below that shows a bearded dragons eyes bulging perfectly. If your bearded dragon looks like the one in this video then this article is the one for you.

Well I am sorry to say this is a bit of a mystery although some scientists have theories about it.

One of the main beliefs is that bearded dragons purposefully bulge their eyes out when they are about to start and during the shedding process.

I must admit this makes complete sense. By bulging out the eyes at the time it is going to shed the bearded dragon loosens the skin around the face. This area is one of the toughest areas for the skin to shed so any help by any means is always a positive.

One drawback to this theory though is the fact that some bearded dragons have been witnessed bulging their eyes after shedding has already occurred. However this could just be a crossover phase and the beardie has not realised that it is fully shed yet.

The second theory that I must admit I do not see as plausible as the first theory is that eye bulging is the equivalent of us yawning.

Considering the fact that we do not entirely know the reason why we as humans yawn I think it is clutching at straws to guess that bearded dragons yawn by bulging their eyes.

Until there is solid proof I am going to side on the theory that bearded dragons purposefully bulge out their eyes. And that they do this to help aid the shedding process.

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How to help a bearded dragon with eye bulge.

How can you help your bearded dragon eye bulging? Believe it or not there is not much that we can do to help our bearded dragons when they have a case of eye bulge. It is a natural process.

What we can do though is make sure that we have the temperature and also humid set correctly in their tank.

To do this you will need an accurate and reliable temperature and humidity gauge such as these ones available on Amazon, it is inexpensive but will make it much easier for your bearded dragon to complete the process.

bearded dragon eye bulging

Why is your bearded dragon eye bulging.

Is bearded dragon eye bulging anything to worry about.

Why is your bearded dragon eye bulging, is it harmful? No, as far as we can tell there is nothing to worry about if you see your bearded dragons eyes bulging. I have witnessed it a few times and have yet to see, or hear of any damage or injuries arise from it. It does seem to be a natural movement for bearded dragons.

How to avoid eye problems

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-Know how to properly care for your pet and keep the environment in your gecko’s habitat constantly clean and steady. Keep the terrarium’s temperature, humidity, and lighting at ideal levels.

-For the sake of your gecko’s wellbeing and safety, keep the water and substrate clean.

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-Be sure that nothing has any sharp edges or points that could poke or scratch the eyes of your leopard gecko. The enclosure should be smooth.

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In conclusion.

Why is your bearded dragon eye bulging? Generally speaking a bearded dragon with bulging eyes is nothing to worry about. It seems to be a natural way for your beardie to help itself through the shedding process. It is always best to keep checking up on your bearded dragon when it is in this state just to take note of how often and for how long it is happening.

Try not to freak out about it as it is very common. By the way while you here would you like to read my ultimate bearded dragon feeding guide, click here if so!

Related questions.

My bearded dragons eye is swelling is it ok? If your bearded dragons eyes are swelling it could just be a case of the above and your bearded dragon is getting ready to shed its skin. However if you notice the swelling is staying for more than an hour or so at a time and is happening very often you may want to take a trip to the vets. It could be the sign of many different medical issues such as high blood pressure, fungal and bacterial infections or even rumours. If in doubt consult the opinion of an expert.

Can bearded dragons pop their eyes out? No not in the literal sense. Bearded dragons cannot pop their eyes out completely however they can bulge them out a bit just like in the article above to help with shedding.

My bearded dragons eyes are closed when it is awake, why? This can also be caused by their eyes bulging and can make it appear like their eyes are partially closed. Make sure to keep an eye on your bearded dragon though as it can also be the sign of a foreign object in the eye or even a bacterial or fungal infection.

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