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What Does Spider Poop Look Like? (Helpful Identification)

Every now and again here on Super Crazy Pets I like to mix things up with a random, yet helpful guide.

This here is one of them guides and today’s topic is about identifying spider poop. So, what does spider poop look like?

If you have found yourself here then the chances are you are either just curious as to if spiders actually poop, what it may look like. Or even you might have found some odd looking droppings and wondered if it is from a spider.

Whatever your reasons are for searching about spider poop, I have the answers to your questions.

So let’s get into this.

Do spiders poop?

I always like to start at the beginning. Many people are curious if spiders do actually poop.

It’s a valid question, I mean spiders are so damn small.

So do spiders poop? Just like all living creatures on this beautiful Earth, spiders need to eat to survive and what goes in must come back out. So yes spiders do actually poop and you will more than likely have seen it before without even knowing what it was.

So there is the answer to the first question, spiders do indeed poop, just like us, just like your pet dog and just like all other living creatures.

What does spider poop look like?

What does spider poop look like

What does spider poop look like? Here you can see what it looks like.

This is the part that most are going to be interested in. I’m sure you are itching to know what spider poop looks like.

So what does spider poop look like? Spider poop comes in a range of colors from black, grey, brown and white, dependent on the species and prey that it has eaten. The poop will look like splatter marks and when fresh will be in a liquid like state. Once dry spider poop looks like a hard pebble dash and can be mistaken for black mould marks.

Pretty disgusting right? So depending on the size, species and the prey, spider poop can come in a variety of different colors/shades. It generally always has the same type of formation though.

Is spider poop toxic and dangerous?

So you have found some spider poop and now you are probably wondering if it is toxic or dangerous.

I mean no poop is pleasant obviously but could spider poop cause you or a family member some harm? Let’s have a look.

Is spider poop toxic? Spider poop can indeed be toxic if it is accidentally ingested. A spiders diet consists mainly of flies and other insects which are well known to have nasty pathogens and parasites which the spider consumes. When the spider poops, these pathogens can be released in the poop, making it very nasty and toxic. 

So not only is that pile of spider poop that you have found pretty gross, it is also pretty toxic and dangerous if you or a family member were to accidentally ingest some of it.

If you do find some spider poop it is always best to clean it up as soon as possible.

Spider poop that looks like black mould around a window

Spider poop can quite easily be confused with black mould.

Where will you find spider poop?

What does spider poop look like and where to find it? To answer this we just need to think about all of the places that we can find spiders and their webs.

Usually you will find spider poop around these areas in your home:

  • Window frames and sills.
  • Around Coving or skirting boards
  • In and around cupboards in your kitchen.
  • In the corners of your homes room at floor and also ceiling level.

Truth be told you could find spider poop anywhere in your home.

You may find that it more prevalent during the cooler winter months as this is when spiders make their way into your home.

Your home is warm and dry and this is the spiders preferred climate.

How to clean up spider poop.

As I mentioned earlier spider poop is pretty unpleasant stuff and contains lots of nasty pathogens.

It is really important to clean up any that you find as soon as you can.

If the poop is still fresh and wet it should clean up pretty easily with a wet wipe and some antibacterial, disinfectant cleaning spray.

This will kill off any of the pathogens that are present and remove any of the staining.

If the spider poop has been there a while it may have set to the surface. Once the poop has dried it bonds really well to the surface that it is on.

If you find this is the case I always find it easier to spray it with antibacterial cleaning spray and leave it to soak in for a few minutes before wiping the surface down.

If this still does not work then it is time to attack it with a scraper, a small wallpaper scraped or putty knife works well. Then just spray and wipe down and the area will be safe again.

Always wash your hands straight after cleaning up any spider mess, just in case.

Can you stop spiders from pooping in your home?

At the end if the day it is really hard to stop spiders from getting into your home.

If there are spiders present then they will be pooping.

I have always found it easier to try to remove any unwanted spiders from your home as soon as you see them but it can be an endless struggle.

Even though there poop is pretty bad stuff spiders in general if not venomous are quite good to have around your home. This is because they do an excellent job of keeping all of the flues and bugs in check.

As much as it is true that some spider breeds are scary and venomous there are some really beautiful and cute breeds of spider.


What does spider poop look like? I hope this guide to spider poop identification has helped you to identify any suspicious markings that you have found in your home.

Try not to worry to much if you do find some in your home, believe me it is more common than you think it is.

Just make sure to clean it up as soon as you find and it should cause you no issues whatsoever.

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