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What Does Snake Poop Look Like? A Quick Guide To Snake Feces.

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What does snake poop look like?

Ok so I will start off by saying that this is not the usual article you will find here at Super Crazy Pets. However, I know that there are some serious reptile keepers around and also some readers who have stumbled upon some mysterious poop.

So with all of that in mind the theme of this article is going to be about snake poop, yes you heard me right! I will be letting you know what snake poop looks like and a load more vital information that you probably wished you never knew.

But let’s face it you searched for this online so you are here because you want to know. In all seriousness though you have maybe found some around your pool, pond or in your yard.

I have done all of the research and written it into this article so you have all the details.

Lets get into the article!

A guide to snake feces.

So what does snake poop look like? Freshly excreted snake poop is generally a very dark brown to black color and usually looks to have a shiny coating. A snakes poop can be quite big, how bigger the snake, how bigger the poop. It does however quickly dry out and then looks a lot less shiny and silky.

As you see, snake poop actually looks like a bird dropping!

Some people are asking do snakes poop?

They definitely do poop for the people who are asking. You can find snake poop images on this page.

Why do snakes have big poop?

Well frogs have huge appetites and they also have animal instinct. When a meal is provided to them, they will generally eat all of it in one go out of fear.

The fear being that they do not know when their next meal may come along also other predators could come and steal the food. Snakes also can’t bite pieces of their meal, that’s why they have to swallow it hole.

luckily for a snake their body is suited for this and what would be a painful experience for any other creature is perfectly normal for the snake.

How to stop snakes pooping in your yard.

If you find that you are having a major problem with snake poop in your yard or around your pool I have heard that an ultrasonic repellent that are on Amazon works and will stop them from coming round. It is humane and does not kill or injure the animals. Have a look at this Ultrasonic Repellant that is well priced but highly effective.

It is much more preferable than using citric acid which is very cruel and will seriously injure or kill the snakes.

What does snake poop look like? A big pile of snake poop.

What does snake poop look like and is it dangerous?

Now that we know what snake poop looks like and if it is the same as what you have found, you are probably wondering if it is dangerous?

Yes, snake poop is indeed dangerous. It is well known that just like feces from other amphibians and reptiles that snake poop can contain Salmonella. Along with this there can be many other pathogens and parasites that could cause you severe illness.

Because of this it is always best to carefully clean up any snake poop that you find.

Wear disposable gloves if available and make sure to disinfect the area afterwards, especially if it is in a well-used accessible area.

How to identify snake poop?

Snake poops vary depending on the type of snake. Normal snake excrement is dark brown or black, solid and has a log shape with lumps. Usually you will see a white urea cap that has a chalk-like appearance.

Poop size depends on the snake species and size. For example, big venomous snakes such as copperhead snakes have a big poop that is brown.

With poop, you might see parts from indigestible materials leftover from the snakes previous meal. If you find scales in a poop, then you are facing a kingsnake or a coral snake, because these snakes will eat other snakes.

Small snake poop looks like bird droppings, they are both brown of black with a white spot.

Snake’s fecal matter smells unpleasant like any other carnivorous animal. While you can identify snake poop, it is impossible to determine the exact species and type snake.

Here is what frog poop looks like. The size of the poop is crazy!

How often do snakes poop?

Since snakes eat mostly one big meal in a long time, they will also defecate only ones in a long time. The frequency of defecating might vary from several days to 4 weeks in most cases. Keep in mind that some of the larger snakes poop even more rarely, because they eat very big prey sometimes only a few times per year.

However, there are differences between some snakes. A python may defecate after 3 meals, while corn snakes usually poop after every meal. In general, the bigger the snake, the less frequently it poops.


What does snake poop look like? Snake poop is very interesting and not many people have seen it. I guess you are lucky then. You can tell your friends and family about it!

If you find snake poop in your garden, you should clean it up with gloves to prevent getting your kids or pets sick.

At last, if you want to know what frog poop looks like. You can check this article which I have written about it.