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We bought the best cat bed and it absolutely loves it!

One of the most important products that you can buy for a cat is a good quality bed. Cats are hugely territorial animals and hate having to share. By giving a cat it’s own bed you are essentially giving it something that it can call it’s own which is a necessity. Make sure you provide your cat the best cat bed.

The bed needs to be comfy and warm as the cat will spend so much of it time in there napping.  It is also best to get a cat bed that is enclosed so that cat feels like it is in a safe little den. Cats absolutely love getting comfy in tight and secluded small spaces and that why you will find them hiding around in any tight space available.

The best cat bed that we bought for Nipper.

We decided that we wanted the best cat bed that ticked all of the above boxes. After lots of trawling through Amazon listings we settled on the one we have today.

It is an awesome cat bed that is warm, comfy and offers that enclosed feel. Nipper now spends most of its sleepy time in there and is so happy. When it isn’t asleep it can be heard purring away inside it!

the best cat bed

The Petmaker 2in1 cat bed is a really nice comfy bed according to Nipper.

The Petmaker 2in1 reversible cat bed.

This cat bed is made by Petmaker who tend to make great pet products. It isn’t the usual type of trash that you find all over Amazon and eBay.

One neat feature that it has is that you can push the roof in to make it a bowl type bed. I have not seen this feature before on a cat bed but our cat loves it.

When the sun is shining in through our patio door windows we place it in front. Our cat then sits in the bowl soaking up the warm sunshine!

The plush and comfy cushion is removable and washable which means you can clean it when needed. Also the whole cave is made of very well insulated material to keep your cat warm on colder nights.

Our final thoughts.

All in all we are very happy with this cat bed as is Nipper. It is large enough for a more well built cat yet is still enclosed enough to offer good privacy.

I really think your cat will love it as much as ours does so if you are wanting to buy a cat bed give this one a try. We actually bought ours from Amazon for a very reasonable price. If you would like to have a look for yourself you can by clicking this link

Thanks for reading!