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Leopard Gecko Sounds And Weird Noises And What They Mean.

A photo of a leopard gecko on a branch making sounds and noises

If your new to leopard gecko ownership you may find it alarming to hear all of the different gecko sounds and noises that they make.  Well this article is going to let you know why they do it.

I will also let you know what each of the different sounds mean.

Hopefully by the end of it you will have a better understanding of what your leopard gecko is trying to say.

Why do leopard geckos make sounds and noises?

Ok so First off I will give you the really quick answer. I recommend reading on after though as I will go into the meanings of each type of sound.

Why do leopard geckos make sounds and noises? Just like me and you talk, leopard geckos will make certain sounds and noises dependant upon the emotions they are feeling. These can either be in the form of chirps, screams, barks, clicks or squeaks.

Each one has its own meaning so it is important to learn about the sound so that you can look after your Leopard Gecko.

Making sure that your leopard Gecko is happy is the key to making the noises you hear from your gecko good ones, Have a look at this tank set up to give your Leo the best kind of enviroment to live in.

Now I am going to tell you what each of these noises means and how you can help your leopard gecko if it is making these gecko sounds and noises.

What noises and gecko sounds do leopards geckos make and why?

Just for a quick reference I have included a video that I found on YouTube. It shows a leopard gecko making chirping and squeaking noises when being handled. Just so you know what sounds I am talking about.

Now below comes the fun part. We are going to look at all of the curious noises that your leopard gecko makes.

We will also have a peek into the psychology behind each of the sounds. Armed with this information you will be able to understand your gecko better and give it a happy life!

Chirping  and squeaking noises.

This is quite a common noise that you will hear your leopard gecko make. When they are chirping or squeaking it is strongly believed that it is a signal that the gecko is not happy about something.

Unwanted handling or rough handling has been known to cause leopard geckos to chirp. They have even be known to chirp when they are hungry!  You may also notice your leopard gecko chirping if you accidentally startle or surprise it.

Another point to note is that occasionally you may hear your leopard gecko doing the odd squeak. This will be when it is alone and exploring its tank and it is normal behaviour. They sometimes do it out of being curious and this is why it is important to have plenty of furniture to keep them occupied.

Clicking noises.

Another common sound is clicking. Clicking has been linked to leopard geckos that are feeling threatened.

This could be because of rough handling techniques. If you would like to read my guide on how to handle leopard geckos properly have a read of this article.

Many owners of leopard geckos have noted that their pets make clicking noises when they try to introduce them to new geckos. This could certainly mean that it is a noise made when stressed or threatened.

Mixing new leopard geckos can be a stressful and dangerous time for your pets. So before you think about trying it have a read of this guide that I wrote.

Screaming and screeching noises.

This one can be the most concerning for anyone who is new to leopard gecko ownership. It can be quite loud and you would think it was associated to being in pain.

However when a leopard gecko is screaming or screeching it is actually going into a defensive mode. It is feeling frightened, threatened or highly stressed. The best thing to do in this situation is try to stop doing what is causing it to happen.

gecko sounds

Barking noises, gecko sounds.

When a leopard gecko barks it is kind of like a chirp. However it has a much more hoarse tone to it. It is not that common to be honest but you may hear it every now and again.

Again this noise is linked to feeling threatened in some way.


It is guaranteed that in some point in leopard gecko ownership you are going to hear some strange noises, crazy gecko sounds.

Leopard geckos can be very vocal creatures if they are unhappy for a number of different reasons. By listening to the noises they make we can determine what may be causing the situation in the first place. Once identified we can take action to make things better for our little friends.

If you find that your leopard gecko is a little to noisy a lot of the time you could actually try to create a soundproof enclosure for its tank.

If you are worried and do not know if your leopard gecko is happy or stressed then check out this article that I wrote. It goes in depth on the subject and will help you understand your gecko better.