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How Strong Is A Gorilla?

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Gorillas, with a maximum weight of 860 pounds, are the heaviest living primate species. But how strong is a gorilla? These are massive creatures, no doubt, but I wonder if their power matches their bulk.

The imposing physique of a silverback gorilla would lead one to believe that they are indeed very powerful. Just how powerful are gorillas, though? How do gorillas keep their massive frames and incredible strength? is the question that will be explored in this article.

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How strong is a gorilla?

The size of a gorilla’s body contributes significantly to the animal’s strength. Male wild gorillas can weigh up to 500 pounds, while females are considerably smaller at 150–250 pounds. Males and females typically differ greatly in physical stature, a phenomenon known as sexual dimorphism. Males and females of the same species often display striking sexual dimorphism in terms of physical appearance. It’s not uncommon for this to happen in the animal kingdom, particularly among primates.

Male gorillas are classified as silverbacks once they reach a certain age of maturity, around 12 years old. The silvery hue of their backs is the obvious inspiration for their moniker. The silverback gorilla is typically stronger than the younger and much older apes in an area due to their advanced age.

how strong is a gorilla
How strong is a gorilla?

Orangutans and gorillas are the largest and strongest of the great apes

The different ways in which these two apes get around have had profound effects on their physical make-up over evolutionary time. Brachiation, the method by which orangutans get around by slinging themselves from branch to branch, has led to the evolution of specialized shoulder joints and a different arrangement of muscles. Gorillas are able to move around using four legs instead of two. This is called quadrupedal locomotion.

Therefore, gorillas have developed muscles in their hind limbs that are strong enough to support their weight and propel them forward effectively. Both the orangutans and the gorillas show how the use of a body part over time can alter its shape. Therefore, gorillas’ musculature and strength have been significantly shaped by the way they walk. Learn more about how gorillas’ unique physical characteristics have evolved to serve them in the link.

Are gorillas significantly stronger than orangutans?

A gorilla can weigh up to 400 pounds, while an orangutan only averages 200. Also, gorillas can run up to 25 miles per hour, while orangutans can only manage 2 to 3 miles per hour. The bite force of a gorilla is impressively high as well, coming in at 1,300PSI.

The orangutan has a bite that is weaker than a human’s and is therefore no match for a gorilla’s. In a physical confrontation, an orangutan might resort to biting or using an object as a weapon. Gorillas can punch, pull, and throw people over a thousand pounds in weight. One can conclude that gorillas are considerably more powerful than orangutans.

How come gorillas are so powerful?

How strong is a gorilla, how do they get so strong? If they are so large and powerful, gorillas must consume a great deal of meat. Gorillas are actually surprising herbivores. Even though the diets of the various gorilla subspecies vary somewhat, all gorillas get the majority of their nutrition from plants like leaves, fruit, and other vegetation. Gorillas can only survive by consuming a very high volume of food due to the low nutrient content of the leaves and foliage they rely on. Termites and ants are sometimes consumed by eastern and western lowland gorillas.

The strength of a gorilla has long been debated. The Guinness Book of World Records states that a gorilla has lifted 1,800 pounds. Gorillas can supposedly carry up to 10 times their own weight, according to some theories. A common American male can typically lift 0.87 times his own weight to provide some context.

Can You Think of Any Other Powerful Animals?

In comparison to their size, the strength of many other animals is remarkable. For instance, a leafcutter ant can lift up to fifty times its own weight! These ants harvest leaves for their nests using their powerful jaws. The individual 1,680 pound towing capacity of oxen has made them historically significant in the agricultural industry. To put it simply, elephants are the strongest animals on the planet, capable of lifting weights of up to 19,800 pounds.