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How Long Do Gargoyle Geckos Live? Know The Commitment.

A photo of a gargoyle gecko on a hand

Gargoyle geckos are a lizard that are exclusively found on the southern end of the island of New Caledonia. They grow to an average of 8 inches long and a weight of around 60 grams.

The gargoyle gecko is a great species of lizard to keep as a pet as they are quite hardy and also do not mind a bit of light handling. But how long do gargoyle geckos live?

In this article we are going to be looking at the lifespan of the gargoyle gecko and also ways that you can make sure that it lives to an old age. So, how long do gargoyle geckos live?

How long do gargoyle geckos live?

Straight off the bat I will answer the question that you are here to know. After that I will give you tips for making sure that your gecko lives a long and happy life.

How long do gargoyle geckos live? Gargoyle geckos in captivity and in the wild can live for anywhere between 10-20 years old. These figures can be different depending upon the geckos environment, diet and also any diseases that may be present. This is quite a long time for such a small species of lizard but luckily gargoyle geckos are really easy to care for as pets.

Now that we know the average lifespan of the gargoyle gecko i am going to let you know some of the ways that you can make sure your pet lives a long and happy life. I will also let you know some of the factors that could shorten your geckos life so that you can avoid them.

how long do gargoyle geckos live

How long do gargoyle geckos live?

Gargoyle gecko lifespan.

How long do gargoyle geckos live? So as mentioned above gargoyle geckos can live for anywhere between 10-20 years on average. This is a really long time for such a small species of lizard.

In the wild they may live slightly less than this due to factors such as disease and nutrition issues. Because gargoyle geckos living in captivity can be provided with the perfect environment and nutrition we can make sure that they live to their highest potential lifespan.

I will now tell you some of the factors that can result in your gargoyle gecko reaching its full potential lifespan. I will go into more detail about each of these later in the article.


To survive gargoyle geckos require a habitat that is kept to a certain temperature. Along with this they also require a specific humidity. To keep them happy and stress free they should also have plenty of hiding places and also things to climb on.


One of the biggest factors that can determine a gargoyle geckos lifespan is its diet. These geckos are actually omnivorous although their diets are mainly made up by insects and fruits. Make sure you give them the right food.

Health problems

Gargoyle geckos, just like any other animals can get sick. This could be in the form of disease or even infections, all of which can play a part in your geckos lifespan.

Absense of predators

This one goes without saying really. In captivity gargoyle geckos do not have to face the risk of being attacked and eaten by other predators. Because of this a gecko in captivity will almost always live longer than one that lives in the wild.

Now we have the basics covered I will go into a little more detain about each of these factors so that you know what to do and what to avoid when it coomes to caring for your pet.

Habitat and enclosure can impact life expectancy.

That’s right even something as basic as your gargoyle geckos habitat and enclosure can effect how long your pet lives for. Making sure that you buy the right tank and other items such as heat mats, hiding places and lighting is super critical to making sure that your gecko stays happy and healthy.

The perfect sized tank for a gargoyle gecko is around 10 gallons and it is best to not keep more than one in the same tank, unless of course you are trying to breed. The reason for this is because your geckos will fight and this can lead to stress, injuries and malnutrition.

If you would like to know more about this subject you can read this article that I wrote about housing gargoyle geckos together.

The right temperature and humidity.

Along with selecting the right tank itself yo also need to get the environment within correct. It is recommended that you try to keep one side of the tank at a constant 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit whilst at the other side you will need a slightly cooler area so that your pet can regulate its own temperature.

To make sure that your pet has a comfortable environment you should keep the humidity at a minimum of 50% but ideally the closer to 70% the better as this is where gargoyle geckos thrive.

Diet plays a major part in a gargoyle geckos lifespan.

If you want your gargoyle gecko to live a long and happy life you really need to get the diet correct. As mentioned earlier in this article gargoyle geckos are omnivorous and as such like to eat insects and also fruits. Many owners find it easier to feed their pet gecko on Pangea complete which can be bough online or from most exotic pet stores.

You can supplement the Pangea complete diet with a couple of dusted or gut loaded crickets per week and some small portions of fresh fruit for a treat.

They can eat some vegetables however this should be kept to a minimum and as a rare treat. They should also have access to a small shallow bowl of water at all times.

Related questions

At what age can gargoyle geckos start to breed? Generally speaking gargoyle geckos are fairly easy to breed although males should be allowed to reach around 1 year old before breeding commences. As for the females they may need a little longer and possibly up to around 1.5 years. The size of the female can also play a part.

Is stress bad for gargoyle geckos? Yes stress is bad for gargoyle geckos. If you feel that your appears to be stressed there are steps that you can take to address it. Adding extra hides and private places are one of the best ways to accomplish this. In the wild gargoyles like to keep under cover as this stops them being exposed to predators.