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Does your cat follow you everywhere? The Crazy Truth!

A photo of a funny cat day in a bathroom

Have you ever noticed that when you walk around your home your cat follows you? This happens around our place all the time. Does your cat follow you everywhere?

So I set out on a mission to find out why our cat was following us everywhere. If your cat does the same thing have a read and see the reasons why for yourself. For more fun cat facts, read here.

Does your cat follow you everywhere? Places that a cat will usually follow you.

There is no limit to the places where a cat will follow you but generally there are a few places that people notice it the most. Some of the places give us clues to why the cat is following us but others are a little stranger. Now I am going to go over a few of the more common places to be followed by a cat.

Let me know in the comments section where your cat follows you the most. Does your cat follow you everywhere?

Cat follows you to the kitchen.

This is a really common place for your cat to follow you. I think we can all guess why your cat follows you into the kitchen. Our kitchens are usually very busy areas and of course where food is prepared. Cats being animals means that one of their top priorities in life is to find sources of food. Make sure to give your cat a good tasty food.

Cat follows you to the bathroom.

This one is a common one but also very strange. Cats seem to like following us to the bathroom. If for whatever reason you have left the door slightly ajar there is a strong chance that your cat will find its way in. This has happened to me a few times and I will just notice the cat there sat watching me. It is quite an unnerving experience really but my own fault for not shutting the door properly!

Does your cat follow you everywhere?

Does your cat follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom?!

Cat follows you outside the house.

This one will generally only happen if you have an outdoor type of cat. You will notice that when you leave the house for work or to go out to the shops your cat will follow you outside. Most of the time your cat will stop following you at a certain point. This is usually the boundary of where it’s territory ends. Once it reaches there it will stop and watch you off. Lots of cats follow their owners outside.

Why do cats follow us everywhere?

So now we know the most common places that a cat will follow you around. However we still do not know why they do it. Well I have done a lot of research into this as I was curious to know. Below is everything that I found out about this subject.

The reasons your cat follows you into the kitchen.

This one is the easiest to work out. Your cat is an animal and loves food. It also knows that you are the one that feeds it so in theory if it follows you there is a chance that it will get some food. This is especially so in the kitchen as your cat will have seen you many times preparing and cooking food in there. Also it is usually where you will store your cats food in a cupboard until it is needed.

This is why your cat follows you into the bathroom.

As I said earlier in the post thisnone can feel a little creepy, especially if you are not expecting it. Our cat has done it numerous times if the door is left slightly open and will just walk in and watch!

There are a few reasons for this behaviour and one of them is curiosity. Most of the time when you go in the bathroom you shut your door and your cat feels excluded. It is left wondering what happens in that room and it wants to find out. If you leave the door open it will seize the upper to investigate and then watch what you do in there.

Another reason why a cat will follow you into the bathroom is because of all the cool things and noises in there. The splashing of water from the bath or shower. The sound of toothbrushes ect. These are all stimulating sounds for your cat and again it falls into the curiosity bracket.

The reason why your cat follows you outside.

A cat follows you outside for a couple of reasons. There is again a sense of curiosity. It knows you are there on a night but out most of the day and it wants to know what you are doing and where you go. It will only follow you until it reaches the border of its territory unless it is a brave cat.

Cats are also pack animals and you are the leader of the pack. It feels safe to follow you outside when normally a cat may have a little anxiety or fear.

A photo of a cat following its owner

Does your cat follow you everywhere? This cat is folllowing it’s owner outside…

Other reasons why your cats follows you everywhere.

One of the biggest reasons a cat will follow you everywhere is because you are the centre of their world. They love you! You feed them, keep them warm and safe and give them plenty of strokes and petting. Because of this your cat loves to spend time with you and to just watch you.

Another big reason is that the cat wants your attention. This could be because it is hungry and wants some food or it may even want some play time with you.

Can you stop a cat from following you around?

Does your cat follow you everywhere, can you stop it? The simple answer to this is no. Cats are not easy to train as they are very free thinking and fairly independent.

If you feel a little creeped out by it following you into the bathroom make sure to shut the door behind you. Otherwise just let the cat follow you around, it should not get in your way and is only doing it because that is one of its ways to show you its appreciation.

I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post. If you have then why not take a look at some of our other curios cat question posts in the right hand sidebar.

Bye for now!