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Cavapoos Puppies And Adults, The Best Guide

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Cavapoos puppies are a cross between two dog breeds – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the poodle. The Cavapoo inherits the good character traits of both dog breeds. They tend to be loyal, playful, friendly, sociable, good-natured and loving to children and other pets.

The cost for Cavapoos puppies is usually between €1,250.00 and €3,500.00. If you go to a breeder, you can usually assume a price between € 2,100.00 and € 4,750.00. There is little supply and much demand, which is why – once there is a litter – you pay a high price for Cavapoos puppies.

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Character traits Cavapoos puppies & adult

This breed is incredibly friendly, child-friendly, as well as friendly toward other pets (dogs/cats). They are exuberant, especially when sharing the house with other dogs. If you want a sweet, loyal, playful dog, that loves to play and cuddle with you then the Cavapoo is a good contender.

Suitability as a family dog

Some dog breeds like to be aloof and independent, even when they are with the same owner who raised them from puppyhood: other dogs really bond with their owner and/or family members. The breed of dog is not leading; dogs raised in a loving family are often more social towards people and bond faster.

Child friendly

They love to be with children and have no problems with petting or cuddling, running and screaming children. This makes a child-friendly dog. You’ll be surprised which dogs are on this list: Tough-looking boxers and even Pit Bulls. Small dogs, on the other hand, like the Chihuahua are often not so child-friendly at all and are more likely to bite off.

Friendly to other dogs

Being friendly to dogs or people are two different aspects. Some dogs that are sweet to people can be dominant to dogs; others prefer to play and still others run away with their tails between their legs. This is not just down to the breed of dog. Dogs that have been together for at least 8 weeks in the litter, with their mother, have played more, have been more socially active, and later prove to be much more social toward other dogs.

Friendly toward outsiders

Dogs that are social toward outsiders greet them with a wagging tail; others are shy, introspective or even aggressive. Besides breed characteristics, a dog that has had a lot of contact with other dogs and people as a puppy is more social toward outsiders.

cavapoo outside


The Cavapoo dog breed has been around for several years. In the 1990s, Australian breeders began to mix Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles. The breeders wanted to cross the relaxed and outgoing character traits of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence of the Poodle.

Since poodles generally shed very little, the breeders thought it would be a good idea to keep this mix so that people who are easily allergic would also have a nice companion at home.

The breeders continued to breed as the demand for Cavapoos skyrocketed. Although these are “designer” dogs, you can still find some here and there in the animal shelter, for example. If you want to buy a Cavapoo, feel free to visit your local animal shelter.

Size & weight

Because the Cavapoo is a fairly new breed of dog, there are few absolute characteristics so far when it comes to size. That said, when a cross of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle matures, you can count on a medium-sized dog, depending on the size of the Poodle bred with.

Most Cavapoos weigh between 5 – 12 kg and range in height at the withers from 28 – 45 cm.


The popularity of Cavapoos has grown tremendously, thanks to their friendly personalities. Thanks to their outgoing, playful, sweet and affectionate behavior, this is an extremely good choice if you are looking for a child-friendly family dog. Saying that, the Cavapoo does not like to be home alone, they can be homesick if not properly socialized and trained.

The Cavapoo is an intelligent dog breed and lives for the owner’s appreciation and praise. This attitude, where they like to make the boss happy, makes them easy to train. Cavapoos can also keep up well athletically, making them a great dog to do obedience competitions with.

Because they can be quite affectionate, it is important that you start training them early on. Teach them how to be alone at home. Without this training, your Cavapoo may start putting its energy into chewing furniture and shoes, or emptying the garbage can.

Cavapoos are usually an everyman’s friend, even to outsiders. If you are looking for a watchful dog, the Cavapoo may not be the right choice. Cavapoos generally do very well in families where they receive adequate attention, even with seniors they appear to have an excellent time.


The Cavapoo generally has the same health problems as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Thus, they are generally core healthy, with occasional medical problems.

Some known medical problems in Cavapoos are:

-Heart Attacks
-Progressive Retinal Atrophy
-Slipping kneecaps


As with any dog, your Cavapoo needs to factor in a visit to the vet once in a while. Your veterinarian can put together a plan of action to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

Cavapoos love to eat, that is why they quickly become overweight, which in turn can cause heart problems. Make sure your dog walks briskly for at least half an hour a day, combine this with some shorter runs and games such as throwing a ball.

Check the ears with some regularity and clean them in the manner recommended by your veterinarian. Long nails cause discomfort when walking, so check the nails regularly and cut them before it becomes uncomfortable for your dog. Your groomer can advise you on this.

The teeth of your dog should be brushed daily. Small dog breeds have faster problems with their teeth. Your veterinarian can provide you with information on this. Take good care of Cavapoos puppies to.

cavapoos puppies
Cavapoos puppies are very cute.

Dog food

The ideal diet for a Cavapoo consists of dog food aimed at small to medium-sized dogs with a high energy level. Make sure to give them the right food.

Because they quickly struggle with obesity, it is important that you feed them balanced food at regular intervals. You should also limit the number of snacks.

As with all dogs, with Cavapoos you need to take into account that the food is adjusted over time, from Cavapoos puppies to adult, and from adult to senior. Ask your veterinarian for advice when it comes to dog food, there are many foods on the market and one food is not the other.

Coat color and coat care

Cavapoos are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. The coat can be of various colors, such as chestnut, brown, cream, white, fawn and gold. They also come in a solid color with some regularity, but usually the coat is chestnut and white, or even three colors.

They generally have a short, soft, curly coat. They can become nice lint balls if coat care is lacking. Thanks to the Poodle’s distinctive coat, the Cavapoo does not shed very much. Therefore, this dog breed is excellent for people with allergies. By brushing the coat once a week, you can keep it in perfect condition.

The curly coat makes them resistant to both hot and cold weather. You just shouldn’t leave them directly in the sun in incredibly cold weather or very hot weather.