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Can Gargoyle Geckos Live Together? The Hard Truth.

A photo of a gargoyle gecko on a tree branch

If you own a gargoyle gecko you may see it in its tank all alone and feel a little sorry for it. Can gargoyle geckos live together? Surely it could do with a companion to keep it company? Well in this guide we are going to look at if it is a good idea (or not) to house gargoyle geckos together.

If you are thinking about buying your gecko a companion you need to read this guide first as housing gargoyles together will usually spell trouble!

So I am going to give you the general quick answer first. Can gargoyle geckos live together? Generally speaking no, letting gargoyle geckos live together will almost always end in fights, stress or even the death of one of your geckos. Gargoyles are far more aggressive to each other than many of the other pet reptiles such as leopard geckos. With the exception to breeding it is best to keep gargoyle geckos in separate tanks for piece of mind.

i highly recommended that you read on to learn about all of the reasons why it is a bad idea to house gargoyle geckos together.

Two male gargoyle geckos living together.

This is a completely bad idea right from the start. Although gargoyle geckos are pretty relaxed and friendly pets, they are very aggressive to one another.

Male geckos are very aggressive and territorial and will almost certainly fight it out until there is only one gargoyle left. Even if they do not die from all of the fighting they will be totally stressed out and that is not a good situation to be in.

Never try to house two or more male gargoyle geckos together.

Two female gargoyle geckos living together.

Although females are much less territorial than their male counterparts they will still fight.  You may also find that the more dominant of the female gargoyle geckos will steal all of the food from the weaker one.

This can lead to serious conditions such as malnutrition and stress. Make sure you give them the right food.

If you really do want to try to house two gargoyle geckos together then two females is the way to go. However, make sure that you have a separate tank waiting and ready because in the end they will inevitably fight each other.

Male and female gargoyle geckos living together.

Ok so this is one situation that makes sense if you are wanting to bread your gargoyle geckos. I wold still not recommend it unless you are wanting to bread them. The male gecko will steal the food from the female and they will also fight. It is not uncommon in this scenario for the female gargoyle to lose her tail due to either stress or it bitten off by the male.

Adult and juvenile gargoyle geckos living together.

Along with two male gargoyles living together, an adult and a juvenile in the same tank is a terrible idea. In fact I would actually say it is even worse.

In every instance that I have heard about people trying to keep adult and juvenile gargoyle geckos in the same tank  the exact same situation has happened. The situation is that the adult gecko will try to kill and eat the juvenile. Obviously no one wants that to happen so whatever you do, do not try to keep adults and juveniles together.

Can gargoyle geckos live together?

Can gargoyle geckos live together? Gargoyle geckos are solitary reptiles and do not really appreciate sharing their tanks.


Can gargoyle geckos live together? It is safe to say that gargoyle geckos are solitary creatures, in the wild and in captivity. They do not need company to be happy and the only time they need company is when it comes to breading time. Keeping gargoyle geckos together can cause stress and even provoke your gecko into biting you.

Keep your gargoyle gecko safe and happy by letting it have the whole tank to itself!

Related questions.

Can I keep gargoyle geckos and leopard geckos together? Unfortunately this is not going to work. Fights will happen due to territory and the aggressive nature of the gargoyle. It is better to keep these two species in separate tanks for safety.

Can you keep gargoyle and crested geckos together? Again this is not a good idea due to the same reasons as above. Although in the wild gargoyle and crested geckos share the same island (New Caledonia) they do not enjoy being kept in close proximity with each other.

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