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Can Corn Snakes Swim And Is It Safe for Them To Do So?

A photo of a corn snake coiled up in a tree

Without a shadow of doubt the humble corn snake is one of the most popular pet snakes for beginners and advanced keeps alike.

They are fairly easy to care for and are quite a gentle and relaxed species which makes them perfect for some light handling. You may also want to know if you can feed you snake wild mice.

In this article I am going to be answering a question which is asked a lot, can corn snakes swim?

Can corn snakes swim?

So straight off the bat I am going to answer the main question.

Can corn snakes swim? Yes! Corn snakes can swim and in actual fact they love to swim. They swim around like eels, and the water is really good for them. They need water to bath in and calm down in. It is especially important that they have access to water when they are about to shed as the water will soften their skin and aid them in the process.

This is also important because if their skin isn’t soft enough then it can come off patchy and land up hurting your corn snake. You may have noticed your pet is suddenly soaking in their water bowls, and this is because they are craving water to swim in. You can help them by providing them with a bigger bowl with lukewarm water for them to soak in.

They instinctively know how to swim, so you do not need to teach them. Even baby corn snakes are able to swim without assistance, but it is important that you check the temperature of the water you provide to ensure that it’s not too cold or too hot for them. Baby corn snakes lose heat a lot faster than adults.

They also enjoy swimming as a form of bathing! The water helps them to clean off any mites or ticks they might have. They know what to do, you just need to ensure they have clean water and enough room to move around in the water.

Can corn snakes swim?

Can corn snakes swim?

Do corn snakes swim in the wild?

Yes! Corn snakes have been observed to swim in the wild as well. They enjoy the water, and use it to bathe and to soften their skin to aid in the shedding process.

Is it safe for pet corn snakes to swim?

Its encouraged! Corn snakes love to swim and it is great exercise for them. If you let them swim in the tub, or even outdoors in a container, you should supervise them. It is not suggested that they swim in a pool as the chlorine could harm them, and it could be too cold. There is not enough research done on letting your corn snake join you in the pool.

They will love to swim. Especially if your snake is on the chunkier side, it is a good way to keep them in shape. Corn snakes are known to be a little lazier, so since they already enjoy swimming it is easy to help them stay fit.

The healthiest temperature is between 80-85 degree’s Fahrenheit, or 26-29 degrees Celsius. The water should be cooler on your skin. If it is too hot or too cold there could be fatal consequences.

Where can pet corn snakes swim?

Can corn snakes swim and where? Corn snakes know how to swim instinctively. If you are concerned you can start off small by providing a shallow bowl in their enclosure, and build up to filling up some water in the tub. The water should be shallow enough that they can easily lift their heads up but also deep enough that they can completely submerge themselves.

Below is a video from YouTube showing a corn snake swimming and bathing in a bath.

How to bathe a corn snake

The best way to do this is to imitate their natural environment. By providing a ‘bath’ – or a bowl – with lukewarm water in their enclosure they will be able to bathe themselves. You can even allow them to bathe themselves in a bath tub – but be sure not to fill it too high.

The temperature should also mimic a natural temperature in the wild, so luke warm is best. Don’t be alarmed if they stay underwater for too long, they are able to hold their breathes for a few minutes underwater.

What are the benefits of letting pet corn snakes swim?

It is excellent exercise to let them swim! It ensures that they stay fit, and in a good weight range. They will also be happier if they get to swim more regularly.

Being able to swim will also help keep their skin soft which helps them to shed their skin when the time comes. If their skin isn’t soft enough, it can really hurt your corn snake when they shed. The skin can come off patchy, and cause necrosis which can lead to death.

It is highly beneficial to both you and your snake if they regularly swim and bathe. Exposing them to water also ensures that they are able to clean off any mites or ticks they could have.

In conclusion:

Can corn snakes swim? Your corn snake will be extremely grateful to have some water to splash around in. It is something they do in their natural habitat, so if you can provide them with similar circumstances or better circumstances for your pet snake to swim around in it will boost their health. The water is also essential to help them shed easier as well as give helping them to keep fit.

They will know how to swim naturally, and so you do not need to worry about teaching them how to swim. They will also use their swimming time to bathe and remove any ticks or mites that may be on them. It is very important to make sure the water temperature isn’t too hot or too cold. If it is too hot it can burn their bodies and if it is too cold their body temperature will drop too drastically.

Corn snakes absolutely love water, and you may have noticed they are already lying in their water bowls. You can help them out by providing a shallow bowl with warm water in their enclosure. They can also swim around in the tub, or even a container of water outside.

Swimming is safe for them to do, and in fact it will keep your pet corn snake fit and healthy. If you enjoyed reading this article why not check out another on this website about corn snakes? I recommend this one to get you started.