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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peas? (Vital Crazy Information)

A photo of some sugar snap peas to feed to a bearded dragon

I know personally how much fun it is selecting foods for your bearded dragons diet that are healthy and nutritious. You get that sense of warmth inside knowing that you are doing your best to keep your pet happy and healthy.

So with that in mind this guide is going to be answering a question that I hear quite often, can bearded dragons eat peas?

I will give you the quick answer and if you have time I will also share the exact reasons why it is a two sided coin. There are positives and negatives about including peas in your bearded dragons diet. You may also want to know what other things bearded dragons may or may not eat.

Can Bearded Dragons eat peas?

So let’s get straight into this guide and answer the main question. Afterall that’s why you have ended up on this website!

So can Bearded Dragons eat peas? Bearded Dragons can eat peas in moderation as a treat, peas should not be used as a staple diet food. You can feed your Bearded Dragon fresh, frozen or even canned peas and it will really enjoy them all the same. One to two portions a month is the perfect amount of peas for your beardie.

Is it safe to feed peas to a bearded dragon? Benefits and negatives.

As I mentioned above feeding peas to your bearded dragon is a two sided coin. There are benefits as well as negatives, this is the reason why peas should not be a staple food for your pet beardie.

Let’s now take a look at some of the benefits of including peas into the bearded dragons diet.

Then we can decide if it is safe to feed peas to a bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat peas

Can bearded dragons eat peas

The benefits

  • Antioxidents: These help in two ways, the first is that antioxidants help to reduce inflammation. They also help to reduce the effects of ageing.
  • Vitamins A, C and K: These wonderful vitamins are vital for your bearded dragons health. Keeping the immune system ready, the eyes healthy and also making sure that the blood is at optimum health.
  • Thiamine: Thiamine is essential for making sure that the brain, heart and nervous system keeps ticking along smoothly.
  • Iron: Peas have a fairly high iron content which is of course great for blood health, along with organ and bone health.
  • Fiber: Being a green vegetable peas are full of fiber which aids healthy digestion.

The negatives

Now unfortunately there are a few negatives that we must also consider when thinking about giving our bearded dragons peas.

  • Oxalates: Unfortunately peas contain a high amount of oxalates. Oxalates when consumed reduce the bodies ability to absorb calcium. This can eventually lead to metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons. This is a disease that effects the skeletal system and also muscle tissues, eventually leading to paralysis and death.
  • Phosphorus to calcium ratio: peas also contain a higher amount of Phosphorus than they do of calcium. The problem with that is Phosphorus actually binds to the calcium molecules and stops the bearded dragons body from being able to use the calcium. Again in severe cases this can lead to metabolic bone disease.

How often can Bearded Dragons eat peas?

Now after reading all of the negatives above you are more than likely fearing giving your beautiful bearded dragon peas.

However I want to let you know that peas are absolutely fine to give to your beardie as long as you do it in moderation. Feeding it peas once every two weeks or so will be absolutely fine and it will really enjoy them as a yummy treat.

Do not be scared to give your beardie green peas, snap peas or snow peas. Just treat them like all the other treats you give your bearded dragon, small amounts every few weeks.

How to prepare peas for a Bearded Dragon to eat?

Preparing peas for your bearded dragon to eat is easy, they can eat them fresh as long as they have been thoroughly cleaned. I always find it best to give bearded dragons organic vegetables wherever possible.

By doing so you reduce the risk that the food you feed your beardie is contaminated with what can potentially be dangerous chemicals, the more natural the better!

They are fine to eat fresh, frozen (defrosted) or canned peas and all of them are full of great nutrients.

Just remember that peas are not to be made a staple food or to be fed everyday, keep it a treat and your bearded dragon will get all of the benefits without the negatives.

Final thoughts on feeding Bearded Dragons peas.

Peas are not only a nutritious and tasty food for us humans, it turns out they contain lots of goodness that your pet bearded dragon needs too.

The only thing is that bearded dragons rely heavily on the calcium that they consume and peas can inhibit this in high doses.

So remember that peas should be fed once every other week to keep your beardie happy and healthy.

Whilst we are on the subject of feeding your beardie, have you ever wondered if bearded dragons can eat red peppers (bell peppers)? If so check out the guide that I wrote.

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