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I tested 5 cat feeders and this one was the best automatic cat feeder!

A photo of the Automatic cat feeder that we use

When we buy things for Nipper (our cat) we always try to get the best products. We do this because not only is it a cat it is a member of our family and we look after it the very best we can. We are going to discuss the best automatic cat feeder.

For this reason we have bought a few products and sent them back when they have not been good enough. An automatic cat feeder is one of the items. You see both myself and my wife work really long hours and I do not like to think of Nipper not having any food.

Just like most cats its life revolves around plenty of sleep, rest and of course eating. So a decent cat feeder for when we are not there is essential. We have now bought and tested 5 automatic cat feeders. Now a total of 4 have gone back for various reasons apart from the one I am writing about today!

The Petsafe Smart Feed automatic cat and dog feeder review.

As I mentioned earlier in this post i had already tried several other automatic feeders. They were all cheaper brands that if I am honest I had not heard of. But they were cheap and I figured that a cat feeder was a cat feeder and all will work the same.

I was very wrong!

The cheaper ones claimed to have WiFi connections so that you could control the food timing. Well most of them would not connect to the WiFi and if it did it was sparodic at best.

A couple of the other ones jammed up and did not release the food. There was no way after this that we could ever trust it to feed our cat.

Anyway to cut a long story short we decided that we would spend slightly more money on a branded model. It was the Petsafe automatic feeder that we chose. We had hoped this would at least give us some trust in leaving it to feed our  Nipper.

How is the Petsafe automatic cat and dog feeder to use?

the best automatic cat feeder

The Petsafe Smart Feeder is the best automatic cat feeder.

I will be honest I was expecting it to be complicated to use. However I was pleasantly suprised at how easy it was to get set up to how we wanted it.

The food dispenser paired up to the free mobile app that we downloaded to our phones and that was it job done. All we then had to do was top it up with food and then we could set when we wanted it to dispense food. Another cool feature is that you can actually dispense the food whenever you choose using the WiFi feature as you are out and about.

The power for the feed comes from a mains adapter but also can be fitted with 4 D batteries. This is good because if there is ever a power cut your cat still gets fed using the back up power supply.

I also like the way that you can schedule up to 12 meals per day at various size settings so that you can set the perfect feed time. Otherwise you can press the feed now button on your app to provide instantaneous food.

Here is a video that I found on YouTube of the Smart feed in use. It is only a 30 second video but describes how it works well. The video is embedded so it will not take you off over to YouTube.

Overall I found the Petsafe Smart feeder an absolute breeze to set up and use. Which was a complete relief after all the failures of the other automatic feeders that we tried out.

What does Nipper think about the Petsafe Smart Feeder and my final thoughts.

Nipper absolutely loves the Petsafe Feeder. This is the best automatic cat feeder. It gets its snacks throughout the day. Perfect for in between its naps! It is easily the best automatic cat feeder that we have used and I feel like it is going to last some time as it is a well built unit.

I am very happy that I finally purchased this automatic feeder after trying all the others. In this one I have found one that is reliable and not going to let my cat down.

The best part for me is that now I do not feel as guilty about having to work longer hours. I know Nipper is going to get fed well and on time which is a big relief for both me and the wife.

I bought my feeder from Amazon at a great price, if you would like to see the price and also read the more technical details then have a look at this link. Which takes you direct to the item listing and it’s details. Make sure you get your cat the best automatic cat feeder.

If you do decide to buy one come back and let me know in the comments section what you think about it.