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Are Crested Geckos Social And Do They Like being handled?

A photo of a crested gecko climbing

You may be thinking about getting a crested gecko at some point in the future and wondered if crested geckos are social?

When I talk about them being sociable I mean it in the sense of do they like to be handled and interact with humans.

After all it would surely be nice to be able to hold and play with your new crested gecko.

Well in this article I will be telling you all that you need to know about the social life of a crestie.

Are crested geckos social animals?

Well this is the main question so I am going to answer it quickly for anyone who does not have time to read the full article. I recommend reading on though as there is lots a valuable to be had.

So are crested geckos social? Crested geckos are quite sociable compared to some other species of lizards. They do not seem to mind some light handling and human interaction. This makes them the perfect pet for anyone who would like to get into keeping reptiles.

Do crested geckos like to interact with humans?

Are crested geckos social with humans? From my experience and from what I have heard from other owners, crested geckos are ok with being handled.

They have their limits though and if it all gets to much for them they will let you know. This can either be in the form a bite or by the many different types of sound that they can make.

If you would like to read more about any of the signals then have a look at the below two articles. They go into great detail about it! Make sure to provide them with a great habitat.

Do crested geckos bite and if so why?

Crested gecko noises and their meanings.

So I feel that it is fairly safe to say that they are social creatures when they are with humans.

are crested geckos social?

Are crested geckos social with each other?

This is something that crosses every owners mind when they get their first crested gecko.

It can often look as though your crested gecko is bored and lonely all by itself in its tanks. So is it a good idea to get it a play buddy to keep it company? Can crested geckos be social with each other?

Well the simple answer to this is no! Keeping two or more crested geckos together is a bad idea.

You see, crested geckos are a solitary species that only get together for breeding purposes. When they are forced to live together in a confined space it will often lead to fighting and stress.

There can sometimes be exceptions to this, two females will sometimes work. As will a breeding pair of the same size and weight.

It can be quite a minefield trying to keep two or more cresties together and for that reason a write a detailed guide. If you want to read it you can have a look at this article.

The bottom line is that crested geckos are not very social with each other.

What are crested geckos like with children?

Crested geckos should be absolutely fine with children just as they are with adults. There should be no social problems at all.

However it is very important to stress to children how important it is to handle the gecko correctly. Children have a habit of sometimes being a little rough and this can lead to a few bad situations.

  • Getting bitten – this can lead to an upset child and possibly a phobia of handling the crestie again.
  • Tail dropping – When a crested gecko feels threatened or in danger it can detach its tail. Unfortunately this cannot grow back as some other geckos do.
  • Stress – Crested geckos can get very stressed because of rough handling. This can cause major problems and even reduce your pets life span.

Here is a video for YouTube that will give you some quick tips on handling a crested gecko safely.

Can crested geckos be social with other pets?

You may be wondering if it is safe to let your crested gecko with other pets that you may own.

Again this is a bad idea and will almost always lead to fighting. Or even worse depending on winging type of pet you are trying to mix.

Always make sure that any cats or dogs cannot get to where your gecko is being stored. Cats especially are very skilled at prying their way into tanks if they think there is something inside of it. They will definitely kill your gecko if given the opportunity.


Are crested geckos social? If you are looking to get into reptile ownership but are looking for one that is ok to handle then the crested gecko is a good choice.

It is fairly social and does not mind interaction with its owners to much.

They are best to be kept separately unless you are planning on breeding. Even then you should keep an eye on your pets to make sure there is no bullying or food stealing going on.

As for mixing with your other pets, this is best to be avoided. Keep your crestie separate and keep it safe.

Related questions.

Is it easy to catch and hold a crested gecko? Yes catching a crested gecko from its tank and holding it is pretty easy with practice. It is best to approach with your hand palm up and low down. This stops your gecko from feeling like it is being attacked. You can then guide it onto your open palm with your spare hand.

My crested gecko seems to change color, why is that? This is called firing up and is believed to be a way for your crested gecko to be able to camouflage depending on which time of the day it is. You can read more about this cool subject in this article which goes deep into the subject.

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